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What does Mathspace have to offer?

From October to November 2014, Mathspace was piloted in three Silicon Valley schools, with students represented from grades 5, 6 and 8. Mathspace was used in the classroom and at home, and teachers and students were asked to give qualitative and quantitative feedback on the product. The final study was administered by an external third party research company, Lea(R)n Trials, which collected data via a combination of survey feedback (ratings and open-ended feedback), classroom data, and focus groups with participants.

Teachers were asked to rate their experience using Mathspace with their students, through the online Lear(R)n Trials survey. The survey consisted of 12 categories, for which teachers provided letter grades (F to A+) and could provide optional open-ended comments. Some of these categories included: quality of content; alignment to standards; impact on teaching effectiveness; impact on student learning; professional development; and usability. Teachers completed the survey twice – once during the study and once after the study had concluded. Mathspace received an overall grade of B+ on the final Lea(R)n Trials survey report. The full report is due in the next few months.

Mathspace has a variety of benefits that teachers love:

Immediate feedback

Other math software is based primarily around single-input final response or multiple-choice, meaning students only get right/wrong feedback at the end of each question. By giving feedback for every line of work, Mathspace can give students confidence that they are on the right track, or intervene at the point of a mistake or misconception, giving the one-on-one experience of having a teacher by your side at every step of every question. It also prevents students from gaming the system, a common issue with other math software.

Personalized learning

Mathspace’s adaptive algorithm allows all students to work at their own pace. Advanced students are no longer bored, while students requiring remediation can continue to get support at every step until they master concepts and are ready to move on.

Handwriting recognition

Most other math software relies on keyboard input for online math. Studies from the University of Florida have shown that learning how to use a keyboard interface adds an additional extraneous cognitive load on students learning math. Handwriting in Mathspace on mobile devices allows a more natural experience and increases learning capacity for students.

Diagnostic tools

Mathspace allows teachers to pinpoint where individual students are struggling, on which questions, and at which step of these questions. Mathspace can also help diagnose where a whole class is having conceptual difficulties.

Digital resource

The advantages of having a digital resource mean students can access an e-textbook, interactive widgets and 3,000 videos wherever they have internet access. Furthermore, Mathspace can randomize variables and numbers in each of our 15,000 questions, meaning students have access to a resource with millions of questions, allowing unlimited practice.

Technical support

Mathspace has in-built technical support included for all users.

Ongoing professional development

All teachers are given an initial PD training schedule to help them familiarize with Mathspace, and have access to ongoing PD opportunities and resources.

Longitudinal data

As students complete questions and master concepts, all of this data is collected in Mathspace to provide a more personalized experience. Over time, teachers can look back over years of a student’s progress, allowing an instant diagnostic of a student’s strengths and weakness, and differentiation based on the student’s history of mathematical mastery.

Access on all devices

Students can seamlessly move between using a Chromebook to do Mathspace at school, continue the same assignment for homework on a parent’s iPad at home, and finishing the work on their iPhone on the way to school. As long as they have internet connection, a student can use Mathspace anywhere, on any device.

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