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Friday, July 31, 2015

Since 2013, schools have bought countless individual student devices with the goal of changing instruction. Shared, 1:1, textbook replacement is underway at a blistering pace.

Educators have overwhelmingly chosen two technology platforms to engage students and create 21st century learning environments:

  • Apple iPads = Mathspace ✔
  • ChromeBooks = Mathspace ✔

For all the investment and excitement, the "bling of the thing" hasn't quite fully measured up. Complications with IT infrastructure, device damage, teacher resistance... schools are looking for practical opportunities to deliver real, day-to-day standards-based instruction with these tools.

Mathspace is a CCSS standards based, award-winning solution with handwriting recognition, step-by-step automatic help, and adaptive technology. Students receive and teachers can monitor instruction with tips, hints, and technology ensuring mastery of each level before progressing.

Mathspace is multi-platform. We have an Android App, iOS App, and a Windows 8 App. Whether you are using a Google Play for EDU Android tablet, an Apple iPad, a MS Surface, or an HP or Acer Chromebook - Mathspace is designed to work seamlessly.

Mathspace's "made for mobile" design is about bringing engagement and digital rigor to something as serious as daily math instruction. Integrating with existing technology is easy with Mathspace.

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