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Testing Geometry Reasoning

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Many of Mathspace's competitors make use of multiple choice or final response questions. Such questions are damaging for reasoning and simply aren't appropriate.

One reason multiple choices aren't sufficient is because often, the answers given are unreasonable and obviously incorrect, leaving a student with a 50/50 chance to choose the correct answer (see image, right).

Multiple choice questions such as this one don't really show how much a student knows. When a student gets 100% on this kind of test, it tells them they know just enough to get through a test; in other words, they know the subject well enough. But is that really true?

Getting the correct answer to a multiple choice question does not indicate true knowledge of a subject. Students need to be familiar with the steps they must take and the reasoning involved. Think about how often you mark incorrect steps on a problem despite the student getting the right answer!

Mathspace doesn't give students shallow multiple choice questions. Mathspace pays attention to students' every step, pestering them for mathematical notation and proper labeling. Mathspace wants full geometric statements and reasons given for every step.

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