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2015-2016 Sunburst Digital Innovators: Mathspace & Daniel Tu-Hoa

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Educational innovation has long been a "global game" since the time of Aristotle.  There have been solutions fostered abroad that come here to the United States seeking to serve the largest addressable educational market in the world. Undoubtedly, our schools, teachers and students are thirsty for positive reform. Promethean was initially from the UK; Smart Technologies from Canada; the Montessori methodology from Italy; the list of programs implemented here goes on and on from Finland, to Singapore, to now with new Math technology - from Australia.

Here at Sunburst, we have a passion to connect innovative digital content solutions with our K12 school customers. Delivering our Sunburst partners' solutions into classrooms is a great privilege. These talented entrepreneurs strive each and every day to help improve our schools, communities and student achievement outcomes with their unique solutions.

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary in 2015, we are profiling the innovators in our 2015-2016 Sunburst portfolio of solutions

Mathspace is a whole math curriculum that leverages proprietary hand-writing recognition software to efficiently individualize math instruction for every student.  The Mathspace StepSmart technology automatically identifies a students' progress, then goes on to dynamically adapt the difficulty level across all forms of math problems. With each step revealed, the technology interprets a students' problem solving process and status toward a unique solution, providing embedded tutorial aids.  Each element of the student workflow is captured for any teacher to archive or efficiently recall at a later time for review and reteaching moments.  Mathspace is the 2014-2015 Math award winner from BETT, AAP (American Association of Publishers) and ISTE. 

"Practicing in the international corporate legal and finance worlds was exciting, but having the opportunity to help my friend Mo bring Mathspace to the US was a dream come true.  It was an opportunity to positively impact the lives of thousands of students, many of whom might otherwise not have the confidence or belief system that they too could excel at mathematics and as a result of that success, live a better life with more opportunity.  Our role in supporting classroom teachers without any formal advanced math training is gratifying when we see their confidence rise together with an expanded teaching capacity for the subject. The ability to individualize math instruction and leverage each students data for continuous progress is something that is at the heart of our incredible company.  We make the science of perpetual progress accessible to every student, any teacher in all schools.  Our response in the US, and the flow of accolades and awards has been simply amazing"    Daniel Tu-Hoa, SVP Mathspace

While professionally trained as a lawyer, Daniel began his educational career as an over-achieving student helping schools and teachers transform the efficiency of their study programs.  He went on to work for global leaders in change management and innovation with Bain & Company and Qantas. Daniel is passionate about human rights advocacy and protecting the environment.  Daniel is fluent in English, French and Vietnamese. In his homeland of Australia, he has spent years galvanizing youth to help recognize and combat climate change and the natural eco-system challenges facing the environment in Australia and more broadly on the planet.  Daniel and his wife live in New York where the Americas team for Mathspace is happily based. The team in Australia takes advantage of the time change to seamlessly update and innovate the solution through the feedback Daniel and the team provide through the night here; getting coded, programmed and updated from back home in Australia by morning.

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