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“@mathspace, love your MS app! Just posted our review of it at http://www.appedreview.org/mathspace/ . Can't wait to show it to our students tomorrow!” —@AppEdReview

“Currently using @MathspaceUK on a six week trial. Sensational isn't a word that I use lightly but I think it's justified in this case!” —@MrMayJTHS

“@mathspaceAU Great times today. Thanks so much for taking me through the genius of https://mathspace.co” —@markliddell

"[Mathspace] allows me to confidently engage with individual students in one to one, small group and individualized projects, knowing that all students are fully engaged... Students love MathSpace and actually cheer when it is time to 'Go to MathSpace'."
- Julia Leeson, Burnett Middle School

"My students have shown an increase in achievement since using Mathspace. Not only have I witnessed content mastery from students, I have also seen an increased level of classroom participation and engagement."
- Ada Lee, Murdock Portal Elementary School

"Our teachers are saying Mathspace is the best digital product they've ever used!"
- Andrew Casale, Mineola Middle School

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