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Turn Your Student's Device Into a Comprehensive Math Curriculum with Mathspace!

Mathspace is the ultimate digital application for students grades 6-11, combining textbook content, instructional videos, interactive questions, a huge bank of questions, and insightful reports that show how your students are progressing in real-time.

The Mathspace Advantage

Real Assessment—Not Multiple Choice

Keep a complete record of each students’ work, marked automatically line-by-line. Drill down by class or by student right down to each step of every problem.

StepSmart™ adaptive technology

Mathspace’s unrivalled adaptive learning technology analyzes real-time data from thousands of questions at the step-level to automatically select the most appropriate problems for your students.

Comprehensive e-textbook

Mathspace comes with a built-in, printable e-textbook loaded with thousands of videos, geogebra applets and 15,000+ questions — all with full worked solutions.

Differentiation just got easier

Target specific learners by creating an unlimited number of groups within your class with our one step class codes.

Handwriting recognition

Write seamlessly on tablets/mobiles with our highly accurate handwriting recognition or use our intuitive typing interface on a laptop.

Fully customizable, easily shareable

Use our intuitive interface to drag and drop any of our 15,000+ questions to create a custom assignment for your students. Share your assignments with other teachers so you don’t double-up on effort.

Access on any device

Mathspace is built for web and mobile. So whether your students have Mac or PC, tablet or Chromebook, Android or iPhone you can be confident they’ll be able to access Mathspace anywhere.

Proven Effectiveness

  • Silicon Valley Education Foundation Pilot gives Mathspace an "A-" for quality of product features and impact on learning and engagement.
  • Teachers using Mathspace say students have made incredible shifts on how they think in terms of math.
  • Mathspace increases content mastery, classroom participation and student engagement.

Mathspace combines everything you need to raise student math performance into a single, easy-to-implement software solution.

  • Qualifies for IDEA and Title I funding
  • Cloud-based software with unlimited 24/7 access
  • Affordable licensing options for school and district-wide use
  • Ask your Curriculum Solutions Consultant about volume pricing!
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